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What People Say About Us

I love how quick and easy it was! I had a ton of single earrings and knotted up necklaces that were just sitting in my jewelry box and now I'm buying a new TV!

– Tiffany, Ohio

Stay At Home Gold paid me almost double what the local place was offering... and I didn't even have to leave my house!

– Kurt, Lousiana

I needed some extra money because I was laid off during the COVID. While everything else was shut down, Stay At Home Gold paid me for my old jewelry and gave me the money I needed for bills! Thanks!!

– Lynn, Michigan

I have never sold my jewelry before, so I was a little nervous. I talked/emailed with Dave and the whole process was so simple. I've been telling all my friends to start going through their old stuff so they can get paid too!

– Samantha, Georgia

The History of Stay At Home Gold

Where it all started...

Our family has a long history in the jewelry and precious metal businesses. Over the years, each generation of the family has faced their share of business opportunities and challenges. When the economic downturn of the 2000’s started, the family switched gears and began buying old, broken and unwanted jewelry from our customers. Skyrocketing gold and silver prices suddenly made all that old stuff worth a lot more than people thought….especially for stuff they were never going to wear again.

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As gold prices kept rising, it didn’t take long before Gold Guys Jewelry was focused almost exclusively on buying unwanted gold and silver from the public. Eventually there were 10 locations across Ohio and the company had grown to be the largest precious metal dealer in the state!

A few years down the road, the value of gold and silver started to level off. Then it dropped significantly. The incentive for consumers was gone. For that generation of the family, the fun and adventure of the business was over. They made the decision to close the stores and ride off into the sunset. It was that time of life for them.

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The "Stay At Home" Future...

Now, in 2020, the current economic conditions have raised the price of gold back up to near record highs! It's once again a fantastic time for our customers to sell their old jewelry... but there's a new twist now, everyone is practicing social distancing, there are stay at home orders, and retail in many locations is not allowed to be open.

Sell Your Jewelry from Home

Our solution was to create a new company that could serve our customers from the safety and comfort of their homes, anywhere in the USA! We'd be able to protect both our customers well being and our family by operating through an online/mail in program.

This was the birth of Stay At Home Gold! We are able to leverage our industry expertise and reputation to pay our customers the highest amounts... while keeping everyone safe At Home.

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